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Iron Man 3 – Review

Iron Man 3 Review
As the first movie to come out of Marvel Studios since The Avengers took the world by storm, and the first solo-outing for Tony Stark not to be directed by Jon Favreau, Iron Man 3 has a lot to live up to.
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Iron Man 3 – New Trailer & Poster

Iron Man

Tony Stark promises some “good old-fashioned revenge” in the explosive new trailer for Marvel’s third Iron Man instalment.
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New Iron Man 3 Poster Featuring Iron Patriot

Iron Man 3 Poster
Don Cheadle dominates this poster for the upcoming Iron Man 3. Whereas in the second instalment of the Marvel series he took up the mantle of War Machine, this time he is decked out with a new lick of paint as Iron Patriot.
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Iron Man 3 News Round-Up – “No Avengers Cameos” & More

Iron Man 3 Photos
The titanic Marvel multi-franchise universe rolls on next year with the release of Iron Man 3. But will Nick Fury or any of The Avengers cameo in it? What’s the relationship going to be between the multiple villains? And what kind of tone will it have? Answers below.
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Iron Man 3 – Trailer

Iron Man 3 Trailer
The first Iron Man 3 trailer is here. It will introduce you to Iron Man’s biggest archenemy from the comics, Mandarin. He looks a bit like Gandhi by way of Tibet.
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Comic-Con News Highlights – From Iron Man 3 To Godzilla

Comic Con 2012 News RoundupThree years ago our intrepid reporter Dalmatian Jaws went to Comic-Con. He slept in a car the first night, under a hedge the second and was woken up by the park’s sprinkler system at 6am. He swore he’d never go back. True to his word we did not attend this year, here’s a round-up of the stuff that happened:
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Iron Man 3 Set Pictures Reveal Iron Patriot

Iron Man 3 Pictures
People seem very excited about the prospect of Ben Kingsley playing the bad guy in Iron Man 3 – have they never seen Thunderbirds? Oh, yeah… I guess not. Sources are now confirming the long-held rumour that Kingsley is playing the Mandarin, while new paparazzi shots of the Iron Man 3 set have revealed another villain.
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Ben Kingsley, Iron Man 3 Villain?

Iron Man 3 Villain
With The Avengers soon to assemble on the big screen for the first time, Marvel shows no signs of slowing down. Iron Man 3 is being prepped for release next year and rumour has it that Sir Ben Kingsley is lined up to be the villain.
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