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(Judge) Dredd – Trailer

Dredd Trailer
After the initial excitement about the project and subsequent stories about director Peter Travis finding himself locked out of the editing process, judgement day is finally looming for dystopian comic book sci-fi Dredd.
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New Dredd Pictures

Judge Dredd 2012 Pictures
End of 2011/start of 2012 was when we originally thought we’d be able to catch Dredd, the second and hopefully much improved stab at bringing British comics icon Judge Dredd to the big screen. That date has now slipped all the way back to autumn 2012 but as at least some kind of compensation a new batch of pictures from the movie have now surfaced.
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Karl Urban Cast As Judge Dredd

New Judge Dredd Movie 2011 - The role of Judge Dredd has finally been cast! After a new version of the classic British comic was announced a few months ago, the actor chosen to fill the boots of Megacity One’s most badass cop is none other than Karl Urban.
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New Judge Dredd Being Filmed This Year! In 3D!

New Judge Dredd Movie 2012

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