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Back To The Future III – Creepy Crotch Pointer

Back to the Future was the most fun anyone had ever had in a theater since John Wilkes Booth.
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Spoof – Prequel To John Carpenter’s The Thing

The Thing Prequel
As we wait for the official The Thing prequel to arrive next year, we can get some sense of what to expect through today’s video.
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The Best Thing Robert De Niro’s Done In 10 Years

Robert De Niro was once one of the world’s most versatile and exciting acting talents. He’s gone off the boil in recent times, content to just shrug and do that thing he does with his upturned mouth. But when you are a student of The Method, that ability to inhabit a role never really goes away. Here it takes acting muse Elmo to bring out something great that’s still buried within.
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My Little Pony : Live-Action Trailer

My Little Pony Funny Movie Trailer
With both G.I. Joe and Transformers movies coming out this year, it feels like someone is missing… Not any more. This summer, action will walk on four legs in My Little Pony: Reign Of The Buttercup Sprinkles.
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Iron Man vs Bruce Lee

While I was watching Iron Man last summer, I kept turning to my friend and asking “When is Bruce Lee in this?”

“Soon,” he kept replying.

But Bruce Lee never showed up.

Well now he has.
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F**kin Newsies – The Best Christian Bale Spoof

Of all the Christian Bale videos this week, few have been any good. No such problem here.
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Star Wars Retold In Pieces

We all have them … friends. Stupid friends that haven’t seen great movies. I have one friend that has never seen Star Wars and another that walked into Crystal Skull without ever having seen the original Indy films.
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Star Wars Theme Song Sing-Along

Somewhere between Star Wars and opera, comes Golden Tusk’s latest grand musical effort – The Star Wars Theme Song, put to lyrics.
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Top 3 Hilarious Reasons To Turn Into The Hulk

Dr. David Banner’s transformation into the Hulk is normally triggered by a highly dangerous situation.

But not always.
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Top 5 Inappropriate Soundtracks

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