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First Look(s) At The New Predator

Predators Pictures (2010)
The new Predator movie has already released posters and trailers, but only now do we get our first look at the face of the new Predators themselves. Take a gander for yourself below.
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Predators – Concept Art, Sneak Peak Video & New Beasties!

Predators Movie 2010
Predators has finally uncloaked itself to reveal the cast, the planet, and many of the new creatures.
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Adrien Brody To Star In ‘Predators’

As far as unlikely action heroes go, Adrien Brody is up there. Yet despite lacking the macho charisma of your Stallones and your Schwarzeneggers, producer Robert Rodriguez has signed the Oscar winner to star in Predators
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Possible Director Of ‘Predators’ Revealed

Robert Rodriguez-written reboot/prequel/whatever it is Predators might have locked in a director if the latest spy report is to be believed
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Predator Reboot – The Lowdown

After much talk over where the series would go next, it’s now a cert that Robert Rodriguez is producing a ‘Predator’ reboot for 20th Century Fox called ‘Predators’.
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