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What Did You Watch This Week? (Reviews of Annihilation, The Ritual, It, The Foreigner, The Bar)

What You Watched This Week Short reviews of under the oily dome thriller Annihilation, the lad-decorated trees of The Ritual, Spaniards bickering in The Bar, Jackie Chan vs the IRA in The Foreigner, and a story about a clown who lives with turds, It.
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Heath’s 2nd Opinion Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Heath's 2nd Opinion Review

A fine New Year to you all. Here’s my non-spoiler review of the most divisive Star Wars film ever made. And stay tuned afterward for my brief assessments on Blade Runner 2049, Stranger Things: Season 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Justice League, and Coco.
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The Last Jedi Is A Big Disappointment – (Spoilers) Review

Star Wars The Last Jedi Is A Big Disappointment (Spoilers) Review

If you’re a casual viewer or someone who loves all things Star Wars without question, then The Last Jedi is a decent experience. But for me and many others who have followed the build-up, it’s a painfully safe film that misses every opportunity to really shake things up.
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Downsizing – Review (London Film Festival)

Downsizing Review (London Film Festival)

Matt Damon goes little and follows his conscience in Alexander Payne’s biggest film.
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Verónica – Review (London Film Festival)

Veronica Review (London Film Festival)

A simple game of Ouija backfires once again in this Spanish spook-er from the co-director of the Rec trilogy.
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Stephen King’s It – Review (Midnight Movie Madness)

Stephen King's It Review

Just in time for Halloween I’m taking a look at this year’s highest grossing chiller, It. Does Bill Skarsgård’s portrayal of Pennywise belong in the sewers or deserve a hand?
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Small Town Crime – Review (London Film Festival)

Small Town Crime Review (London Film Festival)

Respected character actor John Hawkes is given a chance to shine in this gratifying sunshine-noir detective thriller.
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Brawl In Cell Block 99 – Review (London Film Festival)

Brawl In Cell Block 99 Review (London Film Festival)

Vince Vaughn goes from half-assed to hardass in this rock solid beat-em-up from the director of Bone Tomahawk.
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Gemini – Review (London Film Festival)

Gemini Review (London Film Festival)

In this neon Hollywood whodunit, a terrific first act mystery setup flies straight to a tidy conclusion that doesn’t deliver on its emotional promise.
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The Endless – Review (London Film Festival)

The Endless Review (London Film Festival)

The indie directors of Spring and Resolution return with a cult-based supernatural mystery that’s likely to go, cult.
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