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Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Final Trailer

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Final Trailer

Stormtroopers, tie-fighters, imperial starships, a giant metal planet that destroys planets and a masked Sith lord. Luke Skywalker fought hard over three movies to get rid of them. He might as well not have bothered, because they’re all back.
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Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens – Trailer

Star Wars: Episode 7 - The Force Awakens - Trailer

The force has officially awoken: the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII has been unleashed, and it’s an absolute belter.
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J.J. Abrams & Lawrence Kasdan Take Over Star Wars VII Script


J.J. Abrams and The Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan have taken over Star Wars: Episode VII script writing duties from Michael Arndt.
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JJ Abrams Not Delighted To Be Relocating To London For Star Wars

Star Wars London
JJ Abrams has revealed that he will be moving to London by the end of the year, to begin the heavily lifting on the next Star Wars title. While the director can’t wait to get started on the latest instalment, neither he or his family are too excited about uprooting.
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CinemaCon Roundup: Fast & Furious 7, Pitch Perfect Sequel, Star Wars Plans

Cinemacon 2013 Roundup
CinemaCon, the convention for cinema owners, has been happening and with it studios have been popping up to showcase footage and make announcements.
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Boba Fett & Han Solo To Get Standalone Star Wars Movies?

Star Wars : Boba Fett & Han Solo Movies
Speculation begins after Walt Disney Pictures confirms plans to develop a series of spin-off titles.
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Star Wars 3D Re-Releases Get Force Choked


Lucasfilm has postponed 3D versions Episode II and III – which were due out this Autumn – to focus on “rebooting the franchise”
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Confirmed: JJ Abrams To Direct Star Wars Episode VII (Updated)

Star Wars 7 Finds Director?
Star Trek man will helm the next movie, according to “an individual with knowledge of the production”.
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Zach Snyder May Or May Not Be Directing A Parallel Star Wars Movie

Parallel Star Wars Movie - Zach Snyder
Earlier this week, Vulture reported that Zach Snyder is developing a standalone Star Wars film, parallel to Disney’s planned new trilogy.
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Netflix Makes Key Deal With Disney / Pixar / Marvel / Star Wars

Netflix Makes Deal With Disney / Pixar / Marvel / Star Wars

Disney has struck a deal with Netflix in the US, granting them streaming rights to its films after they finish their theatrical runs, beginning in 2016. It’s the first time a major Hollywood studio is sending new films straight to digital distribution rather than cable channels such as HBO or Showtime. The deal also includes Disney’s subsidiaries – Pixar, Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm.
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