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Timecrimes Remake

Timecrimes Remake
There’s nothing that gets people’s hackles up more than when their favourite foreign movie gets remade for people who can’t read. Next up to get Hollywoodized is ‘Los Cronocrímenes’ or ‘Timecrimes’ as it is known in English. DreamWorks has swooped into pick up the rights, with Steven Zaillian taking over scripting duties.

‘Timecrimes’ is a 2007 Spanish science fiction movie about a man who gets himself in a pickle when he travels back in time to save his own life. It’s a clever little film a certainly worth a watch if you haven’t checked it out. I’m sure it has got a loyal following who are vehemently protesting the news of an American remake. On this occasion however, I think that there is certainly room to make it different enough to make it worth doing.
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