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Toy Story 3 Becomes 7th Billion-Dollar Movie

Toy Story 3 Makes 1 Billion $ - Box Office ResultsWow, what a story. Just fifteen years ago, Pixar was an animation studio making a CGI film about some kid’s toys coming to life. Now they’re a film studio that made the first billion-dollar animated film in history and it’s still all about some kid’s toys coming to life. There’s a moral in here somewhere.

According to the press release from Disney, Pixar’s utterly flawless Toy Story 3 became the seventh member to wear the exclusive smoking jacket of the billionaire’s club, alongside Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest, Titanic and Avatar.
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Box Office – Toy Story 3 Triumphs, Jonah Hex Crashes

Toy Story 3 Box OfficeHands up who didn’t see this coming? What, none of you? Huh.

Toy Story 3 has opened to rave reviews across the board, leaving this writer asking the question, ‘what? It’s out already?’ Naturally audiences across the globe have flocked to see the latest animated adventures of Buzz and Woody and Pixar’s newest film has already broken several records.
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Toy Story 3 Review

Toy Story 3 Review It’s Saturday. It’s 2am. It’s time to loiter outside the theater and debate whether 3 is the magic number, or if Toy Story 3 suffers from the same drop in quality as Shrek 3, Terminator 3 and Best Of The Best 3.

Behold, some tired and emotional Toy Story 3 reviews.
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Toy Story 3 Poster

Toy Story 3 Poster
Behold the international Toy Story 3 poster in all its glory. If you don’t already know the plot of the film it goes like this; Woody, Buzz and the gang are discarded when Andy goes to college. Rejected and abandoned by their real boy rolemodel, Woody and Buzz slip into a spiral of depression and
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Final Toy Story 3 Poster

Pixar Toy Story 3 Final Poster
The final poster for one of our most anticipated movies of the year has been released – Toy Story 3!
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Toy Story 3 – New Characters Revealed

Toy Story 3 - New Characters RevealedOver the weeks approaching the release of Toy Story 3, Pixar are releasing character names, pics and faux toy details to stoke the fires of anticipation to even greater heats.
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Toy Story 3 Adds Timothy Dalton

When the toys are back in town for a third time, there’ll be a new addition to the crew. Pixar’s forthcoming Toy Story 3 has added one Mr Pricklepants to the cast of characters, a thespian hedgehog to be voiced by erstwhile Bond Timothy Dalton.
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Toy Story 3 Teaser Trailer

Toy Story 3 TrailerPixar is the unforgiving bruiser of the movie world. Oh sure, all those clownfish, insects and hot rod cars might look cute, but – when it comes to the sharp end of the box office – John Lasseter and his absurdly talented cohorts mean serious business. Precious few studios can lay claim to such an equivalent line of successive cash bonanzas, whilst the deluge of critical superlatives have been pretty much uniform and unrelenting with each successive production.
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Pixar “Not Changing A Thing” For Toy Story 3D Re-Releases


To prepare the public for the undoubted juggernaut that will be Toy Story 3, slated for release in June 2010, Pixar have been retrofitting Toy Story 1 and 2 with the latest 3D technology and are planning to re-release them in order to theatres in October 2009 and February 2010.

Amid fears that they were going to ‘pull a George Lucas’ and be tempted to mess around with the story or characters of these classic films, Pixar producer Jim Morris has come forward to reassure fans:

We’re not changing a thing in the movies. We’re not changing the timing, story, pacing, the shots, anything and so what we’re doing is going in an making a 3D version because you can set the conversions and the ocular offset and there are a number of things in making a 3D version.

It completely preserves the original movie in terms of everything about the story. There’s no new shots. There’s no new nothing. It’s exactly the same movie you saw before.

If you actually go back and watch the Toy Story films (particularly the first one) you can see that the computer graphics have aged quite badly (Moore’s Law at work).

Elsewhere in the interview, Morris admits that the films look better now than ever due to new rendering techniques, so why not go in and fix some of the clunkier pieces of animation or character models? Surely they can do that without damaging the heart and soul of the films that made them such massive hits in the first place?

Source: Collider

Toy Story 3

I have heard ‘Toy Story’ referred to as the ‘Godfather’ of animated movies. Hopefully the off-again/on-again production hasn’t caused a similar drop in quality for the third installment.

Pixar have just released a new teaser poster for Toy Story 3, and I have to say it’s fairly unspectacular for what will surely be one of the highest grossing films ever when it hits the screen in 2010.

Having said that, both the previous Toy Story posters were fairly inoccuous, and the poster does all it needs to; it lets you know that Woody and Buzz are back in a new adventure. This time round the toys have been donated to a children’s day-care after their owner Andy leaves for college.

toy story 3

Of course, the big change since the last movie has been the resurgence of 3D technology and the proliferation of IMAX screens. What do you guys think about seeing the toys in glorious 3D? Will it add anything to the experience for you? Personally the appeal of the first two films had always been the character interactions and strong plot over the elaborate action sequences.

Source: Movies Online