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Michael Bay Teases Details On Transformers 4

Michael Bay On His Transformers Reboot
Michael Bay has opened up to Forbes magazine about the upcoming ‘Transformers 4’, scheduled to be released in 2014. Although the lacklustre third outing ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ might have bored many, it still managed to rake in $1.1 billion when it was released in 2011. Each installment has opted to go bigger and bigger, probably to their detriment, but Bay says he’s decided to “start off small” with this one. He’s also announced that the film won’t be a reboot, but a direct sequel set shortly after the events of the last film
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Michael Bay Back For Transformers ‘Reboot’

The 2012 Toy Fair might not seem the most likely wellspring of blockbuster news, but that is precisely what it has proved to be in the last few days, as first an Avengers board game appeared to reveal the movie’s villains, and now Michael Bay has been confirmed as directing his fourth Transformers movie, set to hit cinemas in summer of 2014.
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Transformers 4 Round-Up

Transformers 4 - Will There Be One? Answer Time.
It’s been a momentous week for the Transformers franchise.
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