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Author Topic: Top 5 Coolest Movie Theaters in the World  (Read 19732 times)
Dom Duncombe
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« on: July 31, 2009, 08:04:53 PM »

Top 5 Coolest Movie Theaters in the World (Ever)
In scouring the internet to find the best movie theaters in the world I spotted that many of the so called greatest were located in the good old US of A. Now I put this down to the over-representation of Americans on the internet, it’s not a negative thing, but it tends to skew things to that perspective. As a result, I decided I would try my best to find the Top 5 Movie Theaters In The World (literally) by finding the best theaters in 5 different countries. With that out of the way, and without further ado, let us begin the countdown…
The Alamo Drafthouse, Texas, USA.


Lets start with the one you’ve all probably heard of. The Drafthouse is less of a movie theater and more like some kind of movie-geek mecca. According to Slashfilm the lobby provides visitors with impressive sci-fi decoration and a vintage Donkey Kong machine (set on free-play, mind) as well as a full dinner menu that you can have delivered straight to your seat. Once you sit your ass down you are treated to short films and comedy skits featuring famous filmmakers until the movie starts up, no adverts to be found. Finally, if all that wasn’t enough to convince you to move to Texas, the theater is also host to the South-By-Southwest festival, the Ain’t it Cool News Buttnumbathon, the Quentin Tarantino Festival AND FantasticFest.

Gold Class Cinemas, Bangkok, Thailand

You know a theater is going to have comfortable seating when their slogan is "No matter how thrilling the movie, you’ll never be on the edge of your seat.". And that’s exactly what the Gold Class Cinemas claim.
From an Esquire report:
“Compared with my local New York theater (where I recently spotted a rat scampering up the aisle), it was a revelation. We paid our seven bucks and were ushered into a waiting room with a tableful of magazines. Think of a dentist's office, but without the threat of an imminent root canal. After decompressing for a couple minutes, we were let into the inner sanctum: a big screen, plush carpeting, and a mere 40 seats. And, oh, what seats. Instead of the chairs we get in New York--which might be comfortable for 11-year-old midgets--a pair of mammoth red velvety La-Z-Boy recliners cuddled our butts.”

The theater also provides full bar service to your seat throughout the movie, the only downside being that you are encouraged to join in with the Thai national anthem before the film starts, but hey, it’s better than those anti-piracy ads.
PS 37, New York, USA

OK, yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to repeat countries, but this one was too cool to pass up. And it’s only a short one.

Looks like a nice mural of The Thing from Fantastic Four right? Well the true genius of this image is only revealed when photographed from just the right angle…

FACT, Liverpool, UK


The FACT (aka, the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) website describes it as;
”the UK's leading organization for commissioning, exhibiting, promoting and supporting artists' work and innovation in the fields of film, video, and new media.”
What that essentially means is that it is a movie theater crossed with an art gallery crossed with an activities center. The building provides galleries to display the work of new artists, a space to display interactive works, as well as having regular film festivals to show off the work of local upcoming talent. On top of all that cultural stuff it doubles as a multiplex theater with several modern screens showing the big releases of the day. But best of all in my opinion is the art-house screen that shows smaller art-house releases, it is affectionately known as ‘The Cube’ and consists of a concrete bunker (handy for blocking annoying mobile phone interruptions) into which you are welcome to take anything from the bar, once inside you are greeted by row upon row of sofas, perfect for two people or for a single very reclined person, and best of all the movie starts at the time it says on the ticket, with no pre-screening adverts in sight.



AMC Pacific Place Cinema, Hong Kong

AMC Pacific Place was built in 2006 and claims to be Asia’s most technically advanced cinema, which is quite a boast. The ticketing office of said cinema is supposedly “more akin to modern sculpture or the lobby of a chic boutique hotel , protruding outwards to skilfully incorporate the technology used to issue tickets.”

“Inside, the walls of the Cybertectured cinema comprises sculptural, organic shapes molded together to form a U-shaped corridor, creating a journey of discovery at the entrances of each cinema auditorium. The cinema’s design has been configured so that from the moment patrons arrive, they are transported to a totally new cinematic experience. An aerodynamic ceiling with a metallic coating carries a river-like pattern which is carried throughout the foyer of the cinema. The same pattern is also reflected on the floor featuring thin stainless steel embedded into the floor to give a directional glance for the audiences to the auditorium. Each theatre offers movie goers the ultimate in design and luxury. The auditorium entrance is marked by a scribed number set into the wall that is lit by LED lighting, with all facets of signage reinterpreted as part of the architecture.”

Not only is the architecture breathtaking but the seats inside the screens are upholstered in french leather and the refreshment bar stocks, among other things, imported cheeses from England and Denmark and a selection of 10 different types of mineral water.
Well there you have it. The top five movie theaters spread out all over the globe. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to start saving up for plane tickets.
Sheridan Passell
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« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2009, 06:02:22 PM »

Great Left 4 Dead survival map, a 1:1 representation of the Alamo Draft House in San Antonio, Texas -

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