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Author Topic: Top 10 Childhood Movies That Make You Ask What Was I Thinking?  (Read 5504 times)
The Movie Whore
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« on: May 15, 2008, 06:55:19 AM »

Have you ever gone back to watch a movie you saw as a kid that you loved then and now you wish you could stick a fork in your eye to avoid having to watch it again?

I have. Here is a list of my top offenders.

Dirty Dancing: If you were a kid when this movie came out chances are you really liked it. You even wanted to do some dirty dancing of your own, even though you had no idea what that meant. Years later after Jennifer Grey had a nose job, no one recognized her. I think it may have been her way to avoid being associated with this movie. How long before they turn this into a remake for a new generation of children that don't know any better.

Ewok TV movies: I loved them. Loved. I sit back and watch them now and realize what a money grubbing whore George Lucas is. Maybe not. Maybe his daughters really wanted to see more Ewoks and that's why these got made. After all that was his explanation for the Ewoks. He wanted to appeal to kids. I actually have to hide my laughter in certain crowds when watching Return of the Jedi. What am I laughing at, Ewoks getting blown up. I know.

Can't buy me Love: Does anyone know what the first geek to sheik movie was? This one is not much different. Only this time it is Patrick Dempsey before he became a sex symbol. Now we have a long line of these pathetic attempts at entertainment and it seems they keep getting worse. I am down for a petition to stop making geek to sheik movies. Anyone want to join me?

Adventures in Babysitting: Oh Elizabeth Shue. You know I have always had a crush on her. It started when I was 13. She had big boobs and I was in love. Well as much as any 13 old boy can be. Then you throw in Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio as the mechanic AKA Thor the God of Thunder and you have a flick that kids love and when looking back you just want to get your hands on that copy of Playboy.

Short Circuit: OK I can't blast one this one too much. I loved this flick as a kid for the simple reason that it had a robot. A cool robot with a laser. It also had some great one liners. Who can pass up Fisher Stevens playing an East Indian who has the accent but is originally from Bakersfield. I even watched the second one. They are going to attempt a remake with this flick and I am hoping it gets canned. Johnny 5 is a live, in our memories that is and that is where he should stay.

Hackers: Did some one say Fisher Stevens? I just recently watched this one again and I must say what a load of crap. That really says it all. From beginning to end just crap and lots of it.

Police Academy Sequels: They lost me when they lost Guttenberg. OK maybe it was a flick before that but I had to keep watching each new sequel they came out with. Really the only explanation is I was hoping they would get around to showing Leslie Easterbrook topless. Again I was a kid and these are the things that motivate a young man.

Beast Master: At one time was the most played movie on TBS. It was on literally every other weekend at least. I was a teenager and I saw a hot chick and a sword and things getting killed and I was happy. Really how many bad movies in this genre got made during this time frame. After Conan did decent they went in every possible direction with these flicks. Anyone remember Yor?

Masters of the Universe: Oh Dolph Lundren how could you make yourself look like a gay body builder? Dress as He Man. One of the biggest pieces of trash I have ever seen. This movie had no redeeming values what so ever. Even as a kid I hated this flick. What in the blue hell was Frank Langella thinking when he agreed to be Skeletor? Let's not forget this was also early in the career of one Courtney Cox. I really wish I could go back in time and stop my younger self from watching this movie.

Little Monsters: Fred Savage and Howie Mandel. That about sums it up. I actually got this one from the Queen of the Geeks and she loved it as a kid and can't bare the thought of watching it now. I could not bare the thought of watching it then. I think that maybe we should make sure to stop a remake of this one too. I actually kind of feel bad for Savage. He was a kid at the time. What did he know? Howie on the other hand is an alien from another planet and even with that should have known better.

What movies make you twitch when you think about the flicks you liked as a kid?

A life wasted on, I mean devoted to film.
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« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2008, 07:15:37 AM »

I remember watching all of those movies when i was a kid. Then i found most of them now. wow i couldnt help but laugh at all the corny dialogue. I remember watching Short Circuit. i loved that movie. but the second one wasnt as good. they should never touch that movie.

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Sheridan Passell
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« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2008, 09:56:38 AM »

Terrific list. Also, Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie
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« Reply #3 on: June 20, 2008, 07:35:32 PM »

I can't bring myself to rewatch the Ewok Adventures cause I know they'll suck.

I adored the original Time MAchine as a kid, but man was that a slow, boring flick.

You know what DOES hold up though?

Goonies is still amazing.
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