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Frank Darabont’s Indiana Jones 4 Script Surfaces Here


I know it’s popular to trash Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, but, ya know, I’ll admit it: I didn’t hate it. It wasn’t a great movie by any stretch of the imagination – there were a few too many reaction shots from cute, furry animals and at least one scene too many featuring a certain character swinging from vines with monkeys for that to be true – but I had fun. I got what I expected from an Indiana Jones film and had few complaints. I didn’t even mind the sci-fi turn the story took, chalking that up to the fact that the story took place in the 50s (aka the golden age of science fiction and flying saucers) so it only made sense for the Indy stories to start incorporating that aspect of period pop culture.

Despite my semi-positive feelings about the film, I’d still give anything to see Frank Darabont’s version (Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods), which Spielberg supposedly loved and Lucas vetoed (and was discussed here, a few weeks back. And what do ya know, I may have gotten the next best thing. Supposedly, Darabont’s original script has been linked online and you can download the pdf file here (click the first link in the second paragraph). I haven’t read the entire thing myself yet, but everything I’ve seen seems to point to the screenplay being legit.

Source: Cinematical

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  • Dol said


    Downloading now on my other Firefox tab … damn damn damn I hope this is real.

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  • Dol said

    Oh God I hope this isn’t his … it’s better than the one they filmmed, but not by much. Indiana Jones says “I Love America” and “Go Piss up a Rope.”

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  • Readitall said

    Having read the whole thing (yes this is real), and having enjoyed the movie, I have to say that I’m glad they passed on this script. Either Darabont’s or Koepp’s script could have been revised and made into a better movie than the one we got, but Darabont’s as is is not really better.

    Darabont has Indiana get drunk and steal the idol (from Raiders) in a parody/callback of the scene from Raiders. He has Indy not scared of snakes and then get eaten alive(!) by a giant one. He doesn’t have Indy’s son in it, so Indy himself gets to swing on vines (twice) and have a monkey poop on his chest (really). He has Indy and Marion recreate almost word for word far too many of their lines from Raiders. He doesn’t have Spalko and instead has an excessive number of bad guys that seem more or less interchangeable.

    He has the rocket sled sequence, he has the fridge sequence, he has the waterfall sequence too (only instead of surviving three waterfalls in a vehicle designed to be a boat they survive four waterfalls in a truck.) He has the UFO ending. He has red ants (but they’re giant!) and a tree that catches the vehicle as it drives off the cliff and then springs back to wipeout pursuing bad guys. In fact he has so much that made it into the movie I feel like he should get a screen credit (and thus residual payments).

    To be fair I did like the way he wrote Marion, the Crystal Skull itself (a visual indication of what happens when you look into its eyes), the Sallah cameo and the first (but not the second – why must both Henry Joneses get drunk?) scene with Indy’s father… but Sean Connery retired so that would have had to be re-written even if they had gone with this script.

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  • Dol said

    Just finished by skimming. Didn’t read the vine swinging part. All the worst parts are in here except, if anything, it’s a lot more boring. If this is real than Darabont is dead to me. Dear God, what were they thinking?

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